SEO – How to Make Your Site Easily Found by Search Engines by Using Backlinks

Search engines are constantly adding sites to their databases in order to ensure that when a searcher queries certain keywords, they bring back the most relevant websites for the provided keywords. For new website owners or bloggers finding traffic and making a presence is always a challenge as you are competing with other sites that may be similar in nature and content. So how can you get your site added to search engine directories faster and land on the first few pages of a search result? Backlinks.

Backlinks is the process of getting other similar websites and bloggers to add your site’s domain to their website. When search engine spiders crawl the web they go from site to site and follow any links they find. As they jump from link to link, site to site, they are adding what ever they come across to their search engines directory so that future searchers can locate whatever is on your site. In addition to external backlinks, having internal backlinks (links on your site to other pages and posts also on your site) helps ensure all of your content is properly indexed with the various search engines. If the spiders can not find a page on your website, then neither can searchers.

Three Ways To Get External Backlinks For Your Site

1. Write an expert article: Write an article which provides intelligent and expert analysis on the subjects related to your website. Post this on a shareware article site like In doing this, you give other webmasters the right to take it and publish it on their site in return for a backlink to your own site. The better the article the more webmasters that will post it on their site which translates into more backlinks for you.

2. Find similar websites and post on them. Be an active member of a forum, blog or website that shares the same idea as you. Over time email the owner and request they add you to their blogroll or simply add a link to your site. This works best rather then cold emailing a webmaster.

3. Link swapping. If sweet talking webmasters do not work for you, go with barter. Email a webmaster and offer to add a link on your site if they reciprocate. Now keep in mind, you need to request this of someone at the same level as you are. Yes, there is a hierarchy in the web world. If you only have 100 visitors a month do not request a webmaster who is getting 10,000 a month. Be reasonable and work your way up to the top.

These are just three of many ways to get backlinks to your site. The more external backlinks you can get from similar and related websites the higher your site will be on the search engine results and it can help your site get added to the directories faster since search engine spiders will find them before your request directly is processed.

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