SEO and Content-Article Writing: A Dependent Relationship

SEO and content writing are the two major contributors which have served as a boon to the Web world. A website which has healthy and meaningful content makes the work of SEO very easy and effective to be done which can generate wonderful results on the search engines and so, we can say that they both act as a bridge in the life of a website starting from its birth till the time it reaches it’s final destination-the visitors.

This article below will help us understand the significance of these terms and also will state how they both are tightly knitted to each other.

Search Engine Optimisation abbreviated as SEO is a very dynamic term we come across in the IT world today,but how many of us are known to the real essence of this term which made it so effective and popularly implemented and accepted all over the Web world.

Well, the one liner to that is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques have very strongly affected the web world by aiding the web designers get their websites, which are an outcome of their tremendous efforts, imaginations and hours of work, dedication and time to get to the place where they deserve to be on the various Search Engines like Google, Teoma, MSN, Yahoo etc.

The Term SEO sounds to be a very simple term but it actually does wonders to the websites and their popularity on the Net. The few techniques and strategies associated with SEO are:

  • Need to do an analysis and sum up the important search engines which have to be targeted on higher priority.
  • Doing a survey of the websites of the competitors and the keywords which they are using in their sites to get to search engines pages.
  • Allotting the right keywords on the all pages of website at the appropriate locations.
  • Placing the keywords in the HTML at time of designing the website.

Apart from these strategies Link Building and Link Exchange are also the key techniques which help the Websites get good amount of traffic ,thus increasing their popularity and making the viewers familiar to the particular websites which again boost the ranking of the websites on the Search Engines.

Content /Article writing can be viewed as an art which works hand in hand to provide the right platform for the SEO work to be done. This will be understood in a better way by taking a quick look on the few strategies which needs to be taken care of while formulating the content of the sites keeping in mind the SEO work.

  • The keywords which can target our website should be used at various places in the content and preferably in combination of two words.
  • Using synonyms of the keywords in the content.
  • Trying to place the keywords in the starting, middle and at the end of the article.
  • Writing a descriptive paragraph on the starting of the page which will be a summary stating what all can be found on our website.

We can definitely sum up the article by stating that a website with rich and quality content achieves its success point in quite an easy and effective way with the help of SEO which provides a smooth track to the long and successful journey of any website from its origin till the heights of its fame and popularity.

And we can’t deny the fact that this fame and popularity is ultimately the dream and ambition of the teams of those highly skilled and dedicated programmers who have given a beautiful shape to their ideas and imaginations.

And hence there is no doubt to the fact that “SEO and Content Writing can definitely make it a SUCCESS”.

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