Search Engine Optimization Secrets

An SEO Crash Course

This guide is meant for someone who knows nothing about SEO or search engine optimization, this is a beginners guide or a crash course on this topic. This is not a guide to tell you how to get on the first page for a keyword with 100 million competitors. I am by no means an SEO wizard but I have been doing this for several years and I have worked at a major SEO company so I do know what I am talking about. My experience with SEO companies is that they over charge for a very simple yet necessary service. It is not uncommon to pay over $5,000 for this kind of service. But I will tell you what to do in order to do it yourself and save a lot of money.

First off it is extremely important for any business to be on the front page of the search results since 85% of people do not go past the first page of the results and everyone knows that no business can survive with losing that amount of traffic. So the first thing to do is focus on one niche or specialized service or product, never try to have a website where you sell every kind of product know to man. No one can take on giant corporations like Walmart or Target since they will have the lowest prices and they spent millions of dollars each year on SEO. Instead focus on one product, lets say for example who were going to sell dog biscuits. Now your website does not have to sell anything for you to use this information, you could have a service based website since this information is universal. So now that you have your niche picked you have to go purchase a domain, if you already own a domain thats alright because this information is very helpful for your next website. One SEO secret is to have your keyword in your domain name, this helps a lot in ranking fast in Google. Since our example site is selling dog biscuits you would want a domain such as “”.

Now that you have your domain it’s time to start making some content, when doing this make sure to use your keyword multiple times on each page so that way the search engines will rank you under it. Also another SEO secret is to put your keyword as the title tag in the meta section of your website, for our example website you would put this in your meta section “Dog Biscuits”. Next you want all of your other pages to have search engine friendly URL’s such as “”. Also make sure that you enter relevant meta tags on your website, although Google does not use meta tags other search engines still do.

Once your site is finished its time to get it in the search results, so you will have to add your site to the search engines. Unfortunately you will have to go to each one to do this. But another secret is to setup a sitemap on your website, to do this just do a search on “XML sitemap” on any search engine to get a free service to set this up. Once you have that done another great SEO secret is to sign up for Google Webmaster Tools. This will index your site within a matter of hours instead of having to wait for days.

Now that you have done all of that your site should star showing up in the major search engines within a week for so but if you did the webmaster tools you will get in the results faster on Google. Again this will not work for very high competition keywords like “loans” or “xbox” so if after two weeks you do not see yourself on the first page you have to create something called backlinks or links from other sites to yours. But that is a topic that I will cover in the next guide. If I was to tell you every SEO secret at once you would be reading for weeks straight.

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