Search Engine Optimization: Please Consider the Users Intent

Search optimization is a very important way to introduce a site to the world, it has been the way that the Internet we know today has been built. What every webmaster has in mind is to get the name of the site in front as many people as possible, and the thought went that if the site was the number one result for a keyword it will generate more money. But it really does not matter if the name of the site if the first to appear in a search result if the content, layout of the site and overall intent of the site is not create to appeal to your customers. Knowing who visits the site and knowing what they want is the first step in creating a site that generates money.

There is something that I have learned over the years, and that is that focusing on how to target the audience that is intended to visit the website will generate more money in the long run. There is an specific word for this, and that is user intent. Creating a list of uses of what certain type of customers want with the website (persona) and a list of how they will request those uses in the search engines is what this means.

An example of this can be that the user already knows what they are going to buy and reflects that in their search, instead of having your homepage at the top of all the searches related to your product, there is the possibility of sending the user directly to the checkout page with the pricing and shipping info directly. This is how to encourage the person to make the purchase though your site. Targeting this way the intended audience for the site will make the search engines marketing campaigns less expensive, it will weed the need for really expensive search terms, because the user will naturally find exactly what was being searched?.

Currently even the big search engines have and will continue to invest heavily in researching user intent. So it could be that a page that has better back-links may appear in the second pages of results because of the intent of the user when he placed the search terms.?

So when planning your next search engine overhaul, make sure that user intent is the first priority on the list. This will make the marketing campaign so much more successful.

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