How to SEO Your eBay About Me Page

Optimizing Your About Me Page on eBay

Building and e-book store and trying to search engine optimize (SEO) it to get it to the top of search engines is almost impossible. E-books, no matter how unique, have been over saturated in search engines. Working on your own to get your e-book store to show up could be a long and grueling road.

What if there was some magically way to shortcut all the hard work and get your name to the top of the search engines? Well, there’s not. What there is, are About Me pages on eBay.

Think about it, how many times have you searched for a product and found eBay pages in the results. Let’s look at an example:

Type in, “kayaking shirts” in Google. The results around 5 and 6 are eBay ads. This seller doesn’t even have an About Me page and look how well placed their ads are. Just think how well placed an search engine optimize (SEO) About Me page would do.

Why do eBay pages rank so high? eBay links and pages hold a lot of weight in search engines. I could go into very specific details, but that would get confusing. Look at this way, eBay has done a majority of the search engine optimize (SEO) work for you. All you have to do is tweak it to fit your e-book stores needs.

Good design

The first step in search engine optimize (SEO) your about me page is good design. Lets say someone click on your about me page that they found in their search for e-books. If they click on your link and end up on some poorly designed page, they are just going to hit the back button and move on. Thus, you need to make sure your about me page looks as nice as your e-book website.

If nothing else, invest in a pre-made about me template. These come fairly cheap on eBay, all you have to do is search out one that is right for you. These template about me pages may limit your ability for search engine optimize (SEO), but they will help you get people to actually check out your page.

What constitutes a good design? That’s personal preference really, most people will know good design from bad. Spend some time looking around at others about me pages. Visit the eBay forums; they have an area devoted to about me pages.

In order to make a about me page search engine optimize (SEO) you should be able to add text in various spots as well as a multitude of pictures.

Adding content

Search engines love fresh content, try to add a “news” section to your about me page. If you do so, make sure to update it regularly. If you don’t, it defeats the purpose. The problem with adding a lot of content to about me pages is that it takes up a lot of room. If a user lands on your about me page and sees loads of text, they wont stick around to read it.

A great way to add lot of text to your about me page without making it look crowded is to put the text into small, scrollable tables. This takes some basic html skills, so you may need to ask your designer about it. With scrollable table you can add tons of search engine optimize (SEO) content to your about me page without making it look like an encyclopedia.


The backbone to any search engine optimization (SEO) campaign is good keywords and phrases. A key word is the term people use to find you through search engines. You probably use them daily with out even knowing it. Almost anything you type into a search engine is a keyword.

Key words and phrases are how search engines know what your e-book website is about and how relevant it is to a search request. The better the keyword and the and density of it on your about me page, the better. But only if done correctly. So how do you get started with keywords? The first step is to do some research to find out which keywords will work best for your e-book store. You’ll need to narrow your keywords down to ones that are specific for your e-books.

There is a wealth of free tools on the internet to help you with your about me page search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. One of the best tools to use is Overture from Yahoo. This tool will show you the popularity of various keywords as well as other relevant combinations. This is a great place to start your search engine optimization (SEO) campaign.

Alt Image Tags

Adding images is a good way to add some extra “hidden” keywords. Make sure all your images have “alt tags”. This is text that shows up when a person leaves their cursor over a picture or text that shows up when a picture doesn’t. Visitors to your about me page probably wont see this text, but the search engines will.

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