How to Leave Comments and Promote SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the Articles

Comments Can Help Bring More Traffic to Articles

As with building web sites and writing blogs, comments and how they are written affect the SEO for the articles in which the comments are left on.

Let’s use this article for an example. If I was going to leave a comment on this article, I would use some or all of the keywords that are in the title, just as I would write an article, in order to help the search engines to find the article. However; I do not want to overuse the keywords or places like¬†Google¬†will consider it a spam article. Make sense?

This article’s title is How to Leave Comments and Promote SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the Articles, so I will need to use this phrase or the main keywords within this article a few times. If I choose to use the word “SEO”, then I have already written it three times. I can take a calculator right now and type in the number 3 and then divide the number 3 by the number of words I have already written to get the keyword density value, or percent. Most people prefer 2-3% for keyword density for the entire article.

I could leave a comment like this one: “Great information about how to comment and help with search engine optimization.” By using some keywords found in the title, I have helped this person’s article to be found easier by the search engines. I could also say: “Great article about promoting articles by using SEO when leaving comments.”

Certainly, if an article is written with the proper amount of keywords, it should be listed in the search engines at some point. It does take time for it to be found and to reach the top. I have seen some of mine at the top of the search results, so it can work.

Leaving comments and using SEO writing when leaving the comments help articles to hit the search engines faster, but if we use too many keywords, it can do the opposite and eventually be deleted from any search results. It is very tricky, but it can be done. On some sites, I have tried this method out, ones that put ads on the same pages as articles, and if the keywords and/or key phrases are used in the proper manner, the ads that show up are exactly what the title of the article or blog is about, and that is so neat when you see that happen.

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