How Editorial Discretion Affects SEO and Linking

Whether you’re delving into guest blogging or you’re just doing link building for your website, it’s important to take editorial discretion into account.

When I’m submitting content to be featured on a website or a link to be included in a directory, the individuals in charge of that website have no responsibility to automatically include your link or your article. To the contrary, most of them have specific guidelines as to what they will or won’t accept. While there are some things no site will accept (things illegal or offensive in nature), there are others that are less strict.

For instance, social networking sites will allow you to post pretty much anything. Sites like Delicious, Reddit, Digg, etc. will let you submit content that will instantly be available. If enough people mark is as spam or report you for offensive content it will likely get taken down quickly, but the sites allow you to make that initial submission without any editorial decision.

Because of this, these sites are often less valuable when it comes to link building and SEO. However, those sites that must approve links or those sites which go through a strenuous editorial process – especially if they’re bigger or more popular sites – are going to provide you with more valuable links.

This, one can suppose, is a big reason why Google’s recent Panda update negatively affected so many of the article directories online. Too many of them would publish pretty much anything without having any editorial standard.

As mentioned, this sort of editorial discretion applies for both link building and guest blogging. So while there is a great amount of benefit in going after easy links and guaranteed traffic, there’s always a greater benefit from putting in the extra effort to earn a higher-profile link.

So when developing your link building and SEO strategy, take into consideration that you may need to work a little harder for those more valuable links.



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