How to Do SEO for Google News

How to Do SEO for Google News

Google News is a big syndication or a collection of news from trustworthy news organizations in the world. They have these displayed and published in Google. Because of its popularity and the network that most users are accessing to, many news organizations are having their news articles published in Google News in order to receive lots of online traffic.

Thus, the importance that Google News is to webmasters who want their press releases published in this site. But Google News only gets these from known and trusted news sources and you may not be in this category.

Therefore, you have to make your way around to get your PR releases to the news sources where Google News goes to for articles to publish. And to have a good chance of PR releases to be included in Google News you have to do SEO for your PR articles.

1. Publish only original and unique contents.
 You have to strive for originality in your contents. It is obvious that a publisher will prefer originals than rewritten or republished from other sources and making this your priority, you will have much higher chances of ranking well.

2. More recent and updated contents.
 Stay on top of new developments and you will have more chances of being ranked high and your contents published in Google News.Google News has ways to detect updates of new developments to already indexed articles content.

3. Local content and local source.
 Google News tends to be partial to local news and local or geographical source. Thus you have to be along this line and do not make impression of you being into the international market if you are more into getting local customers.

4. Reputation.
 Publisher reputation is important to Google News such that you have to help your publisher build up their online reputation. Volumes of original content are one way to help build up the reputation of your publishers so help them in this scenario by more submissions of blogs or PR releases.

5. Optimization for general SEO .
 Like with your other contents you have to optimize your PR releases of blogs. Have proper inclusions of keywords in the title tags and the contents itself for better search engine optimization of your PR releases.

  1. Click through rates are important.If your PR contents and blogs are relevant you can expect to get more click throughs and you can get better chances of being published. With every click made counted as a “vote” for your PR contents, you will have chances of being ranked and published.
  2. Images.If you think you need images in your contents for submission to the publishers and have this published in Google News, you have to do better optimization. Put an optimized caption in your images but do not have it be “clickable”, or being linked at.


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